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Principal’s Welcome Note

It is a great honour for me to lead La Salle College. To be able to shape the space where young lives spend so many hours a day – the place where they are educated, loved and guided. The place where they are established on a path that they will continue to follow, even when they have left us.

I believe that schools should be places where children feel welcomed and can be comfortable. “What is home to a spider, is hell to a fly” – this quote has often reminded me of what schools can be like to children who are not made to feel like they fit into the narrow boxes, institutions fit them into.

La Salle College has a 50 year heritage of educating and empowering children. We seek to create an environment where good academic delivery can take place – a place that facilitates each child’s development according to their strengths and abilities.

Our broad extra curricula offering means that our boys and girls can spend time in the afternoons growing in the sports or cultural activities that they enjoy and at the same time enables them to meet other learners in inter-school competitions.

Finally and most importantly, La Salle College holds God high. The values of kindness and love form the basis for school relationships. We actively instill in all members of our school community the need to respect and be of service to each other.

I look forward to the opportunity I have been given to steward young lives now and in the future.

Yours Faithfully
Beverley Whittal