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La Salle College seeks to encourage excellence in learning


Our ambition is to develop in each learner an enquiring mind and a life-long love of learning. Through enthusiastic, inspiring teaching, excellent resources, and a broad and balanced curriculum, learners are well prepared not merely for the demands of tertiary institutions, but also for a fulfilling future.

CAPS is our starting point, but in each subject work is planned to stimulate and challenge. We have high expectations of our learners and track progress carefully so that the standard and pace of the work suits the individual and ensures that all fulfil their potential.

La Salle College writes the Independent Examination Boards’ grade 12 exams and has full Umalusi Accreditation. We are CAPS compliant.

Matric Results

2018 Matriculants achieved 100% pass rate, of which 96% were Bachelor’s Passes.

Subject Choice

  • The range of subjects offered at La Salle College facilitates access into all university faculties: Bachelors degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce / Law, Engineering, Health Sciences.
  • Grade 9’s are offered support and guidelines in subject choice decisions.
  • Grade 12’s receive information and support in choosing their tertiary institutions.